The IMPLEXUS project comes to life!

On the 22th of September the Kickstarter campaign for the IMPLEXUS launched. It was a rollercoaster of 30 days, with ups and downs and a lot of sleepless nights. On the 18th of October the goal was reached. It looked like the IMPLEXUS project would come to life and on the 22th of October the campaign successfully ended with the project being a 130% funded by 80 Backers.

We can’t express how grateful we are for this dream to come true! Its amazing to see there is still room for small businesses to enter the synthesizer market and create original products with a lot of detail and dedication, but its also amazing to see that there are musicians and enthusiasts interested in this instrument we designed. We really are proud and thankful for all the support and positivity we have received.

We have a fully working and amazing sounding prototype, now we will focus on multiplying it and get it to the desks, studios and stages of musicians all around the world!

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